How We (HaU de UC Davis) Started


The story of how Hermanas Unidas de UC Davis came to be from Ruth Vizcaya's point-of-view: 

"Karen and I met hermanas from UCSB and UCB abroad in Costa Rica. They had a great impact on our decision to bring Hermanas to the UCD campus. It was the summer of our sophomore year, and we felt separated from campus; we didn't know much about campus, we had already been looking to find somewhere to feel like we had friends who were like us but didnt seem to find anything to fit in to. Seeing how close they were and hearing of the all the fun activities they would do together as a group at a campus created that wasn't for us. "We had to bring it to campus!" They helped us find support with the executive board, skyping us in their meetings, alumni coming to visit us, all of it assured us that it was the right thing to do. Seeing the group come together little by little was amazing. I am so proud of everyone and thankful for all of the founders that were willing to stick around through it all. Being a part of steering is NOT easy, it is a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, drama (lol) it seems so horrible at times but in at the end of every event, fundraiser, anything, you look at the group of women (and men) in the room and it reminds you why you do it. Helping someone feel at home, make friends, make the deans list, do community service, make memories through college, it makes it all worth it!" - Ruth Vizcaya (Cochair 2012-2013)