Who We Are



Provide resources and leadership opportunities for predominately Latina, college students and alumni by participating in and organizing community service events, social activities, and academic/professional workshops.


"El Poder de la Mujer"
The Quinto Blossom 
Blue and Silver




I. To reach out to the Chicana/Latina community and provide resources as well as a family networking system through the avenues provided by the three pillars of Hermanas Unidas:         

            * Academic - Through the emphasis of academics not only do we    

               empower our minds but our future as well.

            * Community Service - In the struggle to empower ourselves we                                   must remember our communities and empower them as well.

            * Social - In stressing Hermandad, a family network is created to  

              foster an environment of mutual respect and unity, while

              supporting individual interests and talents.


II. To provide a place where women can come together and be themselves. We accept any and all ideologies. We are an organization attempting to provide a healthy transition to and from the university.


III. To raise awareness and educate the campus and the community at large about Chicana/Latina issues.


Open Door Policy


This means that there are no obligations upon joining the organization; whenever you feel like an hermana, you are an hermana.


We understand that we are in college and there are times when we get to busy to keep up with our clubs and organizations. Because of this understanding, we will welcome whoever, whenever. 


We have a saying that goes: Once an hermana, Always an hermana :)


ALSO Even though this organization is predominantly Latina based, we are open to folks of ALL genders, race, ethnicities or identities.